• It has been my pleasure to work with Stephen Covington at several airshows. I am an airshow coordinator and narrator, having worked with hundreds of performers at a variety of venues. I can say with confidence that Stephen is very much a professional in all aspects of the business. From his pilot skills, to his audience interaction, to his website and to his awesome aircraft,”Raptor”, he would be a headliner at any show. Stephen is not just another Pitts act, he is a true rising star in this business.
    Jerry Homsley
    Airshow Coordinator / Narrator
  • Stephen Covington and Raptor made their first appearance at the Louisville-Winston County Airport’s Wings over Winston show this year. He had come highly recommended by our veteran announcer, Jerry Homsley, but honestly, I was not prepared for the quality of Stephen’s performance. Quite simply, it was outstanding, both in terms of his skills as an aviator but the professional orchestration of his aero-act. I should also point out that the crowd loved the performance, so much so that he was patiently signing autographs long after the show was over. Can’t recommend him highly enough, and we are already talking about Wings over Winston 2019.
    Michael Forster
    Louisville-Winston Airport Authority
  • Stephen and SRC Airshows put on a great act, with more of an edge. Flying his green Raptor, the speed, sound and excitement kept the crowd on edge throughout his performance
    Richard Allen
    Airshow of the Cascades Organizer
    RL Allen Group, LLC